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Staring: Ron Jeremy


Directed by:  Scott J. Gill


You might suspect that this documentary would be more titillating than it is.  After all, this movie is about Ron Jeremy: the adult porn star who has appeared in somewhere between two and three thousand adult movies.   Unfortunately, there is actually very little in this movie about the man, his movies or the industry and, with less nudity than late night programming on Showcase, the titillation factor is a bit low too.


A bit different than your average porn star, Ron is a short, heavy fellow with what might be considered as less than good looks.  Originally Ron had wanted to do mainstream movies (and he has had cameos in many) but that didn’t work out and so it was porn movies that he became famous for.


Strangely enough, while this movie was interesting, it was not that interesting.  I mean, I would have suspected that, having appeared in thousands of movies (and in thousands of women) the film could have had a bit more substance.  For example, since Ron's life is apparantly pretty boring, this movie could have used Ron as a starting point to discuss the social ramifications of the porn industry in general.  This may have been especially effective since Ron was one of the first big names in the industry. 


The movie touches on enough of the issues to stay reasonably interesting but really avoids any sort of statement at all. Because of this I found that, after finishing to movie, I really didn't know anything more about anything at all.  Documentaries should not make you feel this way. 


Unless you are a fan of Ron’s, interested in the porn industry or really have nothing better to do than watch well-made (but less compelling than one would expect) documentaries, this movie is probably not for you.

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