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Here I will hope to go through some of the movies that I have reviewed on this web-site so that they are more easily found as well as provide you with a list of my absolute favourites and some triva.  For example, did you know that the classic 1972 porn movie Deep Throat is widely held to be the most profitable movie of all time.  Yup!   This little gem was made for a mere $25,000.00 and has grossed over 600 million world-wide. 

Deep Throat starred Linda Lovelace who also was in the movies Linda Lovelace Meets Miss Jones (1975) and Linda Lovelace for President (also 1975).  Linda Lovelace Meets Miss Jones is a porn movie with Georgina Spelvin who starred in The Devil In Miss Jones (1973) which, along with Deep Throat and the lesser known, Behind the Green Door (1972 - starring Marylin Chambers) were the three movies that really began the push of pornography into the mainstream of American culture. 


Now we have Inside Deep Throat, a documentary that was released Februrary 11th, 2005 and is already causing somewhat of a stir.

Compare the 600 million that Deep Throat made to the 1999 horror movie The Blair Witch Project which was made for $35,000.00 and only made $140.5 million in the theatres (poor people hardly got their deposit back).

This kind of stat can just be continued onward forever.  For example, the movie Blair Witch 2, due to the success of the first movie, was made for 15 million bucks but only grossed just over 26 million in box office sales (awww) which is another small bit of proof that there is a god.

As an enormous coincidence, the fellow who starred as the doctor in Deep Throat only made $250.00 for his troubles (and was arrested for it too) which is exactly what it cost me for the snacks I threw up during The Blair Witch (just kidding).

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