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The History and Future of Earnest p. Hunter

In order to elminate such things as repitition of writer's names and conflicts of interest, "Earnest Hunter" was created in 1992 while I was working for a student newspaper in New Brunswick, Canada.  Within a very short time, the nom de plume became a method by which I could shed the relative conformity of my life and write as I wanted to, without restriction.  Earnest became well known for a comical rant entitled "kiss my but" from within which he (I began to think of him as marginally separate from myself) could espouse his displeasure with the world.

Earnest began writing other columns including poetry, reviews and news stories. Always with a twist and a bit of tongue and cheek mind you, but with enough of a serious flair that many people thought he was a real person.  Sometimes even I did.

Of course, those were the "glory days" of university life and I have moved on. Earnest has moved on to but, having no venue, has become silent.  Neither of us has any desire to relive those days no matter how carefree and alcohol filled they were.  On the other hand, both of us could use a vent for the frustrations we come face to face with in our lives.  My vent will be him and his vent will be the writings that you will be able to find here.

During the long years since university, Eanest has remained all but silent.  Recently, however, he has been sending the odd rant or comment to a newsletter that is managed by a good friend of mine (managed under his own nom de plume).  I thought it was time that Earnest regained his voice and time will tell whether that is a positive thing.

Oh, the "p", that was added by a careless copy editor and it stuck.  What can you do?

                       -Earnest p. Hunter (July 17th, 2003)

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