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Director:  Neal Sundstrom


There are not many facts I can tell you about the cast and crew of this movie other than the fact that Neal Sundstrom also directed the 5th instalment of the “Howling” series.  If that alone is not enough to make you want to watch it (wink) then….


…. I liked this movie (then again, I like many B movies).  It centres on a band named “Slash” whose lead singer (all actors are essentially no-names) was traumatized as a boy when he, quite by accident, saw some man draining the blood off human beings in the MacDonald family barn, was caught, accidentally set the barn on fire and watched the man burn.  Of course, the lead singer doesn’t remember this right away.  We, the audience, get to see it in flashbacks though. 


It turns out that the killer was the lead singer’s grandfather and that the bleedings were to collect blood to spray on the crops so that there could be a “blood harvest” (which probably would have been a better name for this movie).


In any case, the lead singer is called back to the farm (he has not been there since he was a kid) for the funeral of his aunt and, as the band is on the way to a meeting with some record company anyway, the whole crew goes.  Needless to say, the bus breaks down and the band is stuck on the farm with the singer’s creepy dad and farm hand.  I hardly need to tell you that the band becomes perfect fodder for the blood harvest.


But this rather decent B movie is not your standard horror flick.  In fact, it is more of a mystery, as no one knows who is doing the killings (sorry, I guess you do now).  Is it the crazed farm hand?  Is it the kooky father?  Is it the grandson (who is missing at all the right times).


The most annoying thing about this movie is the fellow they cast as the keyboard player with a poor attitude.  Thankfully he dies (oddly, not everyone but one girl and boy dies in this movie).  Unthankfully he dies late in the movie and really grates on you until then.  Basically he is just a whiny asshole.


What I loved about this movie, however, is how worthwhile it was despite the obviously low budget.  Don’t get me wrong.  This was not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, it wasn’t even that good a movie.  On the other hand, it was well done, managed to be slightly different than your standard horror fare and maintained a certain level of competence throughout.  What made me most happy about this movie, however, was that someone was able to make it.  Maybe I like the underdog too much but this type of movie leads me to believe that a person can do things (like make a movie) without having to be at the level of the big players in the field.  Watching it was, therefore, fun.


Of course, if you don’t like B movies then you should not rent this one (maybe you should not even be reading this).  On the other hand, if you do like B movies, then this is a good one to rent.  It is entertaining and enjoyable the whole way through and, if it is a little hoakey, well, what did you expect from a movie entitled “Slash”.

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