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The Hunted

Released:  2003 [not to be confused with The Hunted (1998), The Hunted (1995 – Staring Chris Lambert) or The Hunted (1974 – Released in England as Touch Me Not)].


Starring:  Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio del Torro


Directed by:  William Friedkin who also brought us Rules of Engagement in 2000, 12 Angry Men in 1997, Jade (which you have walked past 1000 times at the video store) in 1995, The Guardian (which is also a big not watched video) in 1990, To Live and Die in L.A. (a fantastic flick) in 1985, The Exorcist in 1973, among others.


Written by: Art Monterastelli, David Griffiths and Peter Griffiths


Apparently it takes three guys to re-write (and make worse in the process) First Blood.  But you take a TV hack (Monterastelli) and two guys whose only real previous writing credit in Collateral Damage and I guess you can’t expect much.


Still, despite the fact that this is really just Rambo Revisited, I liked this movie.  Tommy Lee does his usual good job and Del Torro…. well, it is so difficult to tell if he is acting like a robot or is a robot but I like him none the less.  Still, if they had to remake First Blood, Del Torro is arguably a better actor than Stalone and Tommy Lee Jones is definitely a better actor than Richard Crenna (who played Rambo’s commanding officer).


How similar is this movie to First Blood?  Well, Del Torro here plays an expert military assassin who has gone a bit crazy after all the killing he has done for the government and starts killing a few people in the woods. Tommy Lee trained Del Torro and is brought in to stop him.  Del Torro is captured but then escapes and kills some cops in the process.  Tommy Lee must again track him through the woods and try to capture him.


Okay, First Blood had better writing.  But this remake is a decent action flick.


The fight scenes are good even if Tommy Lee is getting a little long in the tooth for such nonsense and my only complaint with the whole film is how stupid it was to have both characters manage to make knives (Del Torro’s actually forged) in under half an hour while respectively chasing and being chased.


This movie is definitely worth a Saturday afternoon.

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