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Lion’s Gate Films 2003

Written (Screenplay at least) and Directed by Dan Reed and staring a bunch of folk from the UK that no one has ever heard of. 

[Actually, that is not true, this Adrian Dunbar fellow is in the movie and he has also been in such films as American Buffalo and The Crying Game as well as movies such as Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace.  I, of course, remember him from none of these.  On top of this Melanie Linsky (the lovely babe in the movie who is beautiful in that special way that true Hollywood royalty never will be) got her start in Heavenly Creatures co-staring with Kate Winslet.]

 “Ya know, the truth is, when you see all this - the deals, the drugs, the guns - the wonder is not that it's so bad, the wonder is that it isn't 100 times worse"

OVERVIEW:  Why can the British (assuming they are British, I am not one of those people who can place folks by their accent) make a GREAT movie about bad guys while the Americans can only make a BIG movie about bad guys.  Not that there is anything wrong with the Die Hard –type movies or bog action flicks but it is nice to see something a little more…. I don’t know … dramatic … now and again.   I mean, these are dramatic themes.  In other words, this movie was everything that The Italian Job could never, ever be.

I thought this movie was GREAT!  Lots of action, lots of cold-blooded killing and violence and (something rare on this side of the pond) lots of what appeared to be acting.   There were certainly bad guys in this movie and there were certainly protagonists but (refreshingly) there were no truly “good” guys.  This movie was dark without being impossible to see and deep without being impossible to deal with. 

Essentially the story of two best friends (one of whom just got out of 6 years in prison – the other who is still caught up in being a gangster), I am sure the plot is stolen from Shakespeare, but everyone did such a good job in this movie that you noticed how complex it all was rather than how simple. 

Unfortunately, despite loving this movie and thinking that everyone else should see it too, there isn’t a lot I can say about it.  It was just a damn fine film that, to me, highlighted both how miserably shallow Hollywood movies are and how easy and big and fun and exciting they are at the same time.

Go rent this movie.  Those involved deserve the royalties.

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