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Starring:  Bruce Willis, Dameon Wayans, Halle “she dies too soon” Barry

Directed by: Tony Scott

The Review

This movie is definitely worth watching if you like comedy/action (‘Buddy”) flicks and are one of the hundred or so people in the country who have not seen it.

There is not much to review with this movie since it is an excellent example of how this type of movie should be done and, quite frankly, it is much harder to say what is good about a good movie than to say what is bad about a bad one.

In this movie you have Bruce Willis’ character, a down on his luck private eye who used to be secret service (and once saved the President’s Life).  You also have a washed up ex-football star (played by Wyans) who was kicked from the game for drug use.  Those are the good guys and each has their own solid reasons why they might be mistaken for complete losers.  Part of the movie is about each of them realizing the reasons behind (and, therefore, forgiving) what appear to be the other’s flaws.

Then there are the bad guys.  There is the crooked governor (who Bruce Willis’s character had a flashback run-in with that cost Bruce his secret service job) and the nasty and powerful football team owner who will make more money at any cost.  The good guys get caught up in the web that has been created by the bad guys and for various reasons must thwart the bad guys while (of course) being funny.

Taken out of context there are actually some half decent acting scenes here for both of the major players and each of them manages to pull off the big moments.  The whole movie is put together so well that, as a viewer, it is easy to miss the fact that these guys are actually acting.  Of course, the acting in this movie is only important in so far as it carries the plot forward and the plot is only important in so far as it gives Wyans and Willis a chance to interact. 

Everything about this movie is quality and everything about this movie is pure fluff.  In fact, this is such high quality fluff that it is one of my favourite movies.  For pure entertainment with little need to think, this movie lands up there with Lethal Weapon and Bad Boys as just being excellent at what it is claiming to be. 

Definitely a movie that is worth watching.  Probably a movie that is worth watching more than once (like I have).

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