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Starring: Paul Walker and some other people

Directed by: John Singleton (who also Directed Shaft - which wasn’t great either)

Written (if you can call it that) by: Gary Scott Thompson, Derek Haas and Michael Brandt

You gotta wonder why it takes three writers to create this shlock. Still, for a movie I rented because the wife was away and would not want to see it, it wasn’t awful. Don’t get me wrong, in the years between the movie The Fast and the Furious (not to be confused with the 1953 movie of the same name) Paul Walker has gotten no more believable as an ex undercover cop. In fact, I seem to recall he was kinda believable in the first one so it must be Singleton who missed the boat here.

This movie is mostly about (ready for the surprise?) fast cars and fast car special effects. The plot is a standard story about Walker and his buddy being roped into undercover work on the basis that they can clear their names (because between the Miami PD, the FBI and the Federal Customs Agency there is no one else who can pull this sting off). Basically, like chips and dip, the plot (chips) is just so we can get at the dip (racing scenes).

The biggest problem that this movie has is it is pretty Disney. There is no dirt and grime. Most of the people who race the cars are kids with good hearts who even go so far as to put up fake "road closed" signs at each end of the strip so that there are no innocent bystanders at the races. This movie makes the street racing scene look very tame, extremely well organized and a bit boring. Basically everyone is hot and we don’t get into where these people get the money for their custom cars.

This movie has a LOT of "feel good" scenes that were thankfully missing from the previous flick and comes off as a bastard child of Smokey and the Bandit. Still, the driving scenes are intense and the story is at least as good as much of what one finds on cable.

This is a movie to rent for a rainy Sunday when you have nothing better to do (or watch).

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