Here I will review movies I have seen. These, of course, are only my opinions and should not be taken seriously (or, at least, not completely seriously).

Where I have only written a short review of the movie then what you see beside the pictire in the right hand frame is abot it for my comments.  Where I have written something more detailed then the link is the picture itself and will open a longer review or commentary in a new window.

WARNING: Some of my reviews may give away parts of the plot. I will try not to do so (I will not try too hard) but if there are problems with the plot, editing or direction, my descriptions of those problems may give stuff away.

APOLOGYI have borrowed  (stolen, assumed and pilfered) photos of the movie (just on this page) from wherever I could find them and without giving copyright sources for them.  Like many internet sites, I will remove these photos if asked by their owners to do so.  On the other hand, I am making no money from this, it is just for fun, and the images themselves might be seen as part of a larger work (namely, this page) that is not directly related to the work the photos are taken from (namely the movie) and, therefore, not really a copyright infringement at all.